Channel of Disturbance

This is one of my all time favorite prayers. I have seen it referred to as Prayer for Disruption  or Channel of Disturbance. Every time I have seen it used, it is attributed to “author unknown.” If you know anything about its source, please contact me (michaelanthony.howard (at)

Lord make me a channel of your disturbance.
Where there is apathy, let me provoke,
Where there is silence, may I be a voice.
Where there is too much comfort, and too little action, Grant disruption.
Where there are doors closed and hearts locked, Grant me the willingness to listen. When laws dictate and pain is overlooked . . .
When tradition speaks louder than need. . .
Disturb us, O Lord.
Teach us to be radical.
Grant that I may seek rather to do justice than to talk about it;
To be with as well as for the poor;
To love the unlovable as well as the lovely;
To touch the passion of Jesus in the Pain of those we meet;
To accept responsibility to be church.
Lord, make me a channel of your disturbance.
~Author Unknown


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